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Fimbristylis Sunilii and Neanotis Prabhuii

  • 3rd January, 2022

• Researchers have discovered two new plant species in the biodiversity-rich Western Ghats. They have been named 'Fimbristylis Sunilii' and 'Neanotis Prabhuii'.

• Fimbristylis sunilii has been discovered in the grasslands of 'Ponmudi hills' of Thiruvananthapuram. It is a 'perennial plant' belonging to the 'Cyperaceae family'.

• Its length is 20-59 cm. It has been classified as 'Data Deficient' in IUCN red list.

Neanotis Prabhuii has been discovered in the 'Chembra Peak' grasslands of Wayanad. It is a 'perennial herb'. It belongs to the 'Rubiaceae family' of plants.

• Its length is about 70 cm. It is a flowering plant, in which flowers with pale pink petals bloom.


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