How to Prepare Interview


Interview is the third and final stage of the Civil Services Examination. In this phase the personality of the successful candidates in the Main Examination, is tested. In the Interview, the qualities of integrity, mental alertness, logical analysis ability, social cohesion skills and leadership ability of the candidates are tested. In fact, the Civil Services Examination is the overall test of a candidate's decision-making ability, expression skills and personality. Unlike the nature of preliminary and main examination, in the interview, oral questions are asked by the Board members to the candidate, which the candidate has to answer orally. Also, like the preliminary and main examination, there is no fixed course of interview, so the scope of questions asked in it is wide. The final list of the selection of candidates in the Civil Services Examination is prepared on the basis of the sum of the marks of the Main Examination and Interview. Although the interview score (275) has less weightage than the main examination marks (1750 marks), interview marks have a special role in the final selection.

If you look at the nature and scope of the questions asked in the interview, one thing can be said clearly that this phase of the Civil Services Examination is such that its preparation can not be done in the prescribed time period of one or two years like for the preliminary and main examinations. Since the interview is a test of the personality of any candidate, in reality, its preparation starts early in life. Because personality is not built in one or two years. The experience and opportunities that a candidate experiences in household, family, neighborhood, school and college play an important role in personality building. But this does not mean that personality can not be improved in a certain period of time. While preparing for the Civil Services Examination, the candidate has to face a variety of practical challenges, emotional conflicts and decision-making situations. Therefore, if attention is paid to personality development during this period, personality can surely be improved further.

It is certain that the level at which the personality of the candidate has developed, if he or she makes planned and systematic efforts, then he or she can get more marks than normally obtained at his level. For example, if the personality of the candidate is highly developed and without preparation, he is able to score 175–180 out of 275, then it is certain that on strategic preparation, he can touch the periphery of 190–210 marks. Since every single mark has an important role in the final selection and rank allocation in the Civil Services Examination, it would be a strategic mistake to ignore the preparation of the interview on this basis.

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