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Defection a non-issue for voters


A poor record on honesty and frequent switching of candidates from one political party to another (defection) hardly concerns Indian voters.

The Draft E-waste Management Rules require careful deliberation


The E-waste (Management and Handling) Rules have been amended a few times and the most recent amendment is the Draft E-waste Management Rules, 2022.

Technology is no alternative to compassionate policing 


Custodial deaths are common despite enormous time and money being spent on training police personnel to embrace scientific methods of investigation.

Manipur landslides


The landslide that occurred last week in the Tupul area in Manipur’s Noney district will go down as one of the severest natural disasters in the State.

Cold truth about income inequality


A particularly compelling case for ‘Selfish Rich Inequality’ is constructed based on an analysis of the Gallup World Poll of 2018; that is, whether the rich are richer than the poor because they have been more selfish in life than the latter. 

A Good and Simple Tax needs greater Centre-States dialogue 


Recently, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council met over two days in its first ‘regular’ meeting after a nine-month break in Chandigarh.

The issues in anti-defection law


The political developments in Maharashtra throw up troubling questions about how the political class is emasculating the anti-defection law which was described by the Supreme Court of India ..

Approach to conservation


The mobilisation of private and public finance for Payments for Ecosystem Services is not get due attention in India as in many parts of the world.

Counter the Belt and Road initiative


Recently, the G7 allies unveiled the ambitious Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment (PGII), announcing the collective mobilisation of $600 billion by 2027 to deliver “game-changing” and “transparent” infrastructure projects to developing and middle-income countries.

Freebies and the costs of fiscal profligacy


Electoral promises on freebies raise several questions of sustainability, efficiency, opportunity cost and the best possible use of public money etc.

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