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Towards a resilient economy


The recent National Statistical Office (NSO) data estimated India’s economic growth surged to 20.1% in the April-June quarter. This shows a V shaped recovery of the indian economy.

The need for a ‘bad bank’


The Union Cabinet recently approved a ₹30,600-crore backstop facility for guaranteeing securities to be issued by the National Asset Reconstruction Company Ltd. (NARCL).The NARCL, also called ‘bad bank’, is being set up to help aggregate and consolidate lenders’ non-performing assets (NPAs) or bad loans.

Significant increase in MSP for oilseeds 


The Union government recently announced higher Minimum Support Price (MSP) for rabi crops to boost their production. Notably, crops such as oilseeds and pulses have witnessed a higher percentage rise in their MSP when compared to major crops such as wheat.

Shankhalipi script of gupta era


Recently, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) discovered remains of an ancient temple dating back to the Gupta period (5th century) in a village in Uttar Pradesh’s Etah district. The stairs of the temple had ‘shankhalipi’ inscriptions..

Democracy of producers


Every functioning system needs regular corrections, so is India's largest democracy, which is praised for conducting “free and fair elections”. It is high time to introspect whether we have imbibed the democratic spirit and if we exercise it without fear or favour.

A selective nuclear policy


The resumption of North Korea’s largest fissile material production reactor, after operations were ceased in December 2018, has sparked speculation about its real and symbolic significance.

Those who live by the law, should keep the law


The Bar Council of India’s proposal to frame rules to curtail calls for strike by bar associations and advocates is a welcomed move.The past few years have witnessed a rise in advocates striking work for myriad reasons.

Solar storms  can disrupt internet connection


According to a new study presented at the ACM SIGCOMM 2021 Conference, a powerful solar storm can cause a disruption of the internet, damage submarine cables and communication satellites.

Ensuring safety through tokenization


Many merchants and e-commerce entities force customers to store debit or credit card details, which increases the risk of card data being stolen. This can be avoided now with the Reserve Bank of India allowing tokenisation of cards while making payments.

The economic reforms:looking back to look ahead


The crisis caused by the novel coronavirus pandemic in the country and at global level has led to a debate about fresh thinking and new approaches to manage the economy and the future of humanity.

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