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EU’s new crypto-legislation


Recently, the European Parliament has approved the world’s first set of comprehensive rules to bring largely unregulated cryptocurrency markets under the ambit of regulation by government authorities.

Connecting a large part of South Asia with Southeast Asia 


The third India-Japan Intellectual Dialogue hosted by the Asian Confluence (ASCON), in Agartala, Tripura, was an ideal opportunity to assess the evolving thinking of experts and policymakers.

Scaling Up Private Climate Finance in Emerging Market and Developing Economies


Private climate financing must play a pivotal role as emerging markets and developing economies seek to curb greenhouse gas emissions and contain climate change while coping with its effects.

Need optimization and regulation of biotechnology 


The Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh inaugurated the National Genome Editing & Training Centre (NGETC) at National Agri-food Biotechnology Institute (NABI) in Mohali, Punjab, in January 2023.

climate literacy helping businesses make informed decisions


ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) parameters have become popular with businesses across the globe with their increasing recognition of the need for imbibing sustainability concerns in their core operational strategy.

Challenges for civil society organizations


The ability of civil society to shape policy and public discourse has shrunk dramatically because civil society many a times is seen to be the new frontier for war and foreign interference.

Nagaland government repeal its municipal act


The Nagaland government repealed the Nagaland Municipal Act of 2001 which led to the cancellation of the State Election Commission’s March 9 notification for holding elections to Nagaland’s 39 urban local bodies (ULBs) with 33% of the seats reserved for women.

Upholding the Constitution


The Supreme Court judgment in the Media One case ( Madhyamam Broadcasting Ltd Media One Headquarters v. Union of India and Others) is a landmark judgment on the freedom of expression and a judicial fiat against sealed cover malpractice.

Sudan crisis 


Sudan’s military and a powerful paramilitary force battled fiercely in the capital and other areas, dealing a new blow to hopes for a transition to democracy and raising fears of a wider conflict.

Rising extreme heat events


With climate change exacerbating local weather patterns, we are likely to see April-May temperatures reaching record highs every three years.

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