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Essential attribute of the independence of India’s constitutional bodies


Recently the Supreme Court of India expressed its “serious concern” over the active role being played by Governors in State politics and an important step in ensuring independence of the Election Commission of India, will have direct bearing on the concept of the independence of various constitutional authorities in India.

Importance of coexistence with ecology and economy


Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently launched the International Big Cat Alliance (IBCA) that endeavours to protect and conserve big cats.

‘Dabba trading’ and it effect on the economy


Recently, the National Stock Exchange (NSE) issued a string of notices naming entities involved in ‘dabba trading’.

Rules for recognition as national and State party 


Recently,  The Election Commission of India (ECI) accorded  the status of a national party to the Aam Aadmi Party. while withdrawing the same for the Trinamool Congress, Communist Party of India, and the Nationalist Congress Party.

 ODR has the potential to ensure justice for all


Recently at the Delhi Arbitration Weekend, Union Law Minister Kiren Rijiju emphasized the need for institutional arbitration to enhance the ease of doing business.

Unusual properties of graphene


The 21st century seems set to become the age of graphene, a recently discovered material made from honeycomb sheets of carbon just one atom thick.

OPEC+ countries cutting crude oil production


Recently, major oil-producing countries including Saudi Arabia, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, as well as Russia, have announced cuts in oil production that will start in May and last until the end of 2023.

Finland’s journey to join NATO


Recently, Finland finally became the 31st country to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

AI for better and smarter legislation


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is attracting the attention of entrepreneurs, political leaders, and policymakers the world over.

The constitutional debates on the role of the Governor 


Recently the office of Governor is in frequent news due to the conduct of the Governors of some States which according to experts, undermine constitutional provisions, constitutional morality, and constitutional ethos.

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