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Indo Japan close to cyber security deal

International 16-Oct-2020

Japan and India are Asia’s two major democracies. They are natural partners, with an economic complementarity that is potentially quite high.

Global Fight against Hunger

International 16-Oct-2020

After decades of steady decline, world hunger has slowly been on the rise since 2015. An estimated 821 million people in the world suffered from hunger in 2018.

QUADrilateral Security Dialogue

International 09-Oct-2020

The second meeting of the QUAD (Australia-India-Japan-US) is being held in Tokyo, Foreign Ministers of QUAD nations are looking the ways to Unite Allies Against Aggressive China.

UN at 75

International 03-Oct-2020

The United Nations is marking its 75th anniversary at a time of great upheaval, as the COVID-19 virus continues to spread, exacting a heavy toll on lives, societies and economies in all regions of the world.

Chinese apps banned in India

International 18-Sep-2020

India has become the world’s fastest-growing mobile application market over the past few years. With more than 1.3 billion potential consumers, the Indian app market is attracting lots of attention as a huge opportunity for app growth.

India - Japan Ties

International 02-Sep-2020

Resignation of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe due to chronic illness and the flourishment of India's relations with Japan in his tenure.

Israel-UAE Relations

International 28-Aug-2020

The normalization of relations between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel has electrified the Middle East, India welcomed the ties.

World peeping into Mars: What is in store for generations ?

International 25-Aug-2020

Since 1960, humankind has launched dozens of missions to Mars in an effort to get to know our planetary neighbor better.

India-Nepal Relations

International 22-Aug-2020

In May tension between India and Nepal escalated, months later a hope of rebuilding of friendly relations has emerged.

Russia-India-China Trailateral Meet

International 30-Jul-2020

In between the LAC tension with China and worldwide anger against China on CORONA Virus, significance of RIC meet.

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