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Mitigating is the key challenge in COP26 Glasgow 

International 25-Oct-2021

The heads of state from at least 120 countries are expected to convene in Glasgow for the 26th meeting of the United Nations Conference of the Parties (COP).

The dilemma for Quad 

International 01-Oct-2021

The announcement of the new Australia-U.K.-U.S. (AUKUS)  and the outcome of the recent Quad summit indicate that AUKUS will go on to form a key security arrangement of the Indo-Pacific region.

The fall of Kabul, the future of regional geopolitics

International 23-Aug-2021

The fall of Kabul in the wake of the American withdrawal from Afghanistan will prove to be a defining moment for the region and the future shape of its geopolitics. For New Delhi, the fall of Kabul is a moment of reckoning and it must rethink its regional strategies and options.

India’s Afghan investment

International 17-Jul-2021

As the Taliban push ahead with military offensives across Afghanistan, preparing to take over after the exit of US and NATO forces, India faces a situation in which it may have no role to play in that country, and in the worst case scenario, not even a diplomatic presence.

The time to limit global warming is melting away

International 05-Jun-2021

This is an incredibly difficult time for the world as it is facing two momentous challenges: COVID-19 and climate change. 

The rising sun in India-Japan relations

International 01-May-2021

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has turned out to be a true successor of his predecessor, Shinzo Abe, on the foreign policy front. 

India’s Myanmar dilemma

International 31-Mar-2021

The unfolding tragedy in Myanmar, occasioned by the military overturning the election results last month, portends a new cycle of political repression, humanitarian disaster and geopolitical instability.


International 26-Mar-2021

The friendship between India and Bangladesh is historic, evolving over the last 50 years. India’s political, diplomatic, military and humanitarian support during Bangladesh’s Liberation War played an important role towards Bangladesh’s independence.


International 13-Mar-2021

President  Joe Biden’s push for an interim unity government in Afghanistanis a testament to his administration’s grim assessment of the situation in the war-torn country.


International 13-Mar-2021

The Indian Air Force (IAF) will participate in the Exercise Desert Flag-VI for the first time, along with the air forces of the UAE, the US, France, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Bahrain.

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