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Small Satellite Launch Vehicle

  • 4th January, 2022

• 'Indian Space Research Organization' (ISRO) is developing a new launch vehicle named 'Small Satellite Launch Vehicle' (SSLV).

Each stage of this 'three-stage' launch vehicle is based on 'solid fuel'. Its diameter is 2 meters and its height is 34 meters.

It is capable to launch satellites up to 500 kg. into orbit located at an altitude of maximum 500 km. It can launch multiple satellites at a time.

Nano, micro and small satellites can be launched through this vehicle with 'minimum cost' and 'with minimum launch infrastructure' according to respective requirement. This will enhance India's capability to launch small satellites.

• An 'Earth Observation Satellite' (EOS-2) will be launched by its first flight in the year 2022.

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