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White Dwarf Star

  • 26th November, 2021
  • A team of astronomers has confirmed a white dwarf star that completes a full rotation in 25 seconds and is the fastest spinning white dwarf. It is part of a binary star system.
  • It is an extremely rare example of a magnetic propeller system. The white dwarf attracts gaseous plasma from a nearby companion star and flings it into space at around 3,000 km per second.
  • It is only the second magnetic propeller white dwarf to have been identified in over 70 years with the help of powerful and sensitive instruments.
  • These stars use hydrogen as fuel. The fuel of the outer layer of these stars is converted into helium, due to which their energy radiation intensity decreases and the color of these stars becomes red. Hence they are known as 'Red Giant Stars'. Most of the stars transform into white dwarf stars when their fuel is exhausted.
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