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Our Aim

Our aim is to provide 'a better environment for the preparation of Civil Services Examination'. Through the Civil Services Examination, qualified administrators are selected for the country's prestigious administrative services, such as I.A.S. and I.P.S. The objective of 'Sanskriti IAS' is to groom the candidates for these services through classroom programmes, study material and mock tests so that any candidate preparing with dedication to become a Civil Servant makes his dream come true.

Our Vision

In order to create a better environment for the preparation of Civil Services Examination, 'Sanskriti IAS' has focused on three fundamental aspects: better classroom programmes, excellent study material and best management.

Classroom Programme : The classroom programme includes faculty members and classroom arrangements. All the faculty members of 'Sanskriti IAS' are experts and eminent teachers in their respective subjects. They are recognized as synonymous with teaching and credibility among the candidates who have prepared or are still engaged in the preparation of Civil Services Examination. All the teachers of the institute have been guiding civil service candidates for the past one and a half decades, and today they are the most popular and trusted among the candidates for teaching in their respective subjects.

Teaching Style : The basic difference between a normal teacher and an excellent faculty is the teaching style. If all the teachers of ‘Sanskriti IAS’ are the most trusted and popular among the students today, the main reason for this is the teaching method of these teachers to inculcate their subjects. At the beginning of a class of any subject, students are first introduced to that topic in a gradual way. Then, once the students establish their mental harmony with that subject, then the teaching of that subject begins in a chapter-wise manner. A day before the class of any chapter, related study material / notes are distributed among the students, so that the students can develop their general understanding at their level before the class starts. At the beginning of each class, first of all the teachers analyze the different dimensions by explaining the students in detail about the related topic. In order to make students understand any topic in the best way, a projector is used so that through the projector, showing the videos, slides and films related to any topic, the students can understand the events, concepts and theories of the related subject practically.

Classroom Arrangement : Since inside the classroom, the student has to concentrate for about 3 hours and take class, so it is mandatory for the student to have every necessary facility in the classroom. Keeping this in mind, necessary basic facilities have been arranged for students in and around the classroom. There is a system of notes counters for regular distribution of study material and checking of post-writing. From here the students get their study material and submit their Q&A for answer-writing practice and get it back from here at the stated time.

Study Material : The availability of fully useful and quality study material from the examination point of view along with a better classroom program makes the student's preparation holistic. In 'Sanskriti IAS', along with the lessons in the class, students are provided with study material in a chapter-wise manner on a regular basis for each subject. The institute has a qualified content team to prepare the study material. This team consists of qualified and proficient content writers with experience in Civil Services Mains examination and interview. The study material has been prepared according to the syllabus of the Civil Services Examination and in sync with the question papers of the last 10 years. The study material of each subject has been prepared by appropriate adjustment of traditional sections as well as current affairs aspects / dimensions. Therefore, from the point of view of content, the study material of each subject is qualitative and updated.

Any study material needs to be updated after a certain period of time, so the content team updates each chapter completely before the class. Despite the quality of the study material, its maximum use is always a challenging task for the students, as it needs to be revised regularly; But after a time, when the class of three or four subjects is completed, revising it together will be a difficult task. Keeping in mind the practical challenge of the students, Synopsis has been included in the study material of each subject as per the requirement, so that once a chapter is revisited twice or three times, it is not necessary to read it again. Rather, with the help of Synopsis, even a heavy subject can also be revised in a short time.

Class Tests : Along with the class schedule, class tests are also conducted in the class of each subject after a stipulated time period of about 20 days. All class tests (related to preliminary and main examination) are conducted according to the complete pattern of Civil Services Examination and their evaluation is done according to the norms of Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

Excellent and Efficient Management : No organization can run successfully for a long time without better management. Realizing this importance of management, the entire team of 'Sanskriti IAS' has established a trained and efficient management to suit the needs of every level of the students. By looking at the working style of management, any parent or student can understand very well how 'Sanskriti IAS' is completely dedicated to the cause of students. The basic objective of 'Sanskriti IAS' is - "To make every effort to make the dream of every student, of getting selected in the Civil Services Examination, come true".

Akhil Murti

Chief Managing Director

A.K. Arun

Executive Director

Ritesh Jaiswal

Executive Director

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