Yellow Band Disease

PT Cards 25-Jan-2023

Yellow-band disease is a bacterial infection that adversely affects coral. This causes light yellow or white spots on the infected coral reef.

Interpretations of ‘We the People’

Current Affairs 25-Jan-2023

The controversy over the very meaning of ‘We the People’, after the speech made by the Vice-President of India and Chairman, Rajya Sabha, Jagdeep Dhankhar was erupted as he viewed that ‘We the People’ essentially gives primacy to elected members of Parliament and the State legislatures.

Removing the barriers to accessibility in schools

Current Affairs 25-Jan-2023

Children with disability/disabilities (CWD) needed higher care to complete basic tasks which required physical involvement like playing or going to the toilet and became tougher in schools which do not have accessible spaces and other guiding infrastructure to get there safely.

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