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African Swine Fever

  • 24th April, 2021
  • Certain areas in four districts of Mizoram have been declared as epicenter of the African Swine Fever (ASF) that has so far killed 1,119 pigs in a month.
  • African Swine Fever is a highly contagious and fatal animal disease that infects domestic and wild pigs, typically resulting in an acute form of hemorrhagic fever. It was first detected in Africa in the 1929s, that's why it is called 'African Swine Fever'.
  • ASF is not a threat to human beings since it only spreads from animals to other animals. The mortality in this disease is close to 100 percent. Since the fever has no cure, the only way to stop it spreading is by culling the animals.
  • Arunachal pradesh was the first state in the northeast to report pig deaths in mid-2020. The disease was identified as ASF after domestic pigs started dying on a large scale in adjoining state of Assam.
  • According to FAO, ASF is a disease of growing strategic importance for global food security and household income.

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