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Artificial Energy Island Project of Denmark

  • 6th February, 2021
  • Recently, Denmark has approved a plan to create an Artificial Island in the North Sea as part of its efforts to adopt Green energy. Launched with an estimated cost of approximately US $ 34 billion, the project is being seen as the largest project in the history of Denmark.
  • This 'Energy Island' is based on a platform that serves as a hub for power generation from the nearby 'Offshore Wind Farms'. This project will help in increasing connectivity and distribution of energy between Denmark and its neighboring countries. Denmark has already tied up with the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium for joint usage of the Energy Island.
  • The artificial island will be located about 80 km into the North Sea and the majority of it will be owned by the Danish government. The primary objective of the project is to meet the electricity needs of more than 3 million households in the European Union by producing 'offshore wind power' on a large scale and enabling sufficient green energy storage and generation.
  • In June 2020, the Danish parliament decided to initiate the creation of two energy islands, which would help Denmark and neighboring countries export energy. The second proposed island, known as 'Bornholm Island' is located in the Baltic Sea,.

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