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Carbon Watch

  • 22nd February, 2021
  • A mobile application 'Karbonn Watch' has been launched in Chandigarh, to assess carbon footprints of any person. Chandigarh became the first state or union territory of India to do so. The aim is to make people climate-smart and alert them to work upon their carbon footprints.
  • This app Can be downloaded via QR code. After downloading, Chandigarh residents will have to give details regarding four categories - water, energy, waste generation and transportation .
  • Under the water category, it will be necessary for people to inform about their water consumption. Under the energy category, they need to inform about the use of household power units, monthly bills and solar energy, and under the waste category, 'Individuals will have to submit details in terms of waste generation'. In the transport category, modes of transport (four-wheeler/ two-wheeler) used have to be reported.
  • Carbon footprints are the amount of greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide, generated by human activities. Almost all activities of people, ranging from catering to clothing, causes carbon footprints.

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