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Facebook's Oversight Board

  • 8th May, 2021
  • Facebook's Oversight Board is an independent body, which can overturn the company's decision on whether some individual pieces of content should be displayed on Facebook or its photo-sharing platform Instagram. The decisions of the board are binding on Facebook.
  • It can also recommend changes to Facebook's content policy, based on a case decision or at the company's request, but these are not binding.
  • Some have dubbed the oversight board as Facebook Inc's 'Supreme Court'. It was announced in 2018 and it officially began it's work on October 22, 2020.
  • Each case in the oversight board is reviewed by a five-member panel, with atleast one from the same geographic region as the case originated. Recently, the oversight board has upheld Facebook's decision to block the then US President Donald Trump from its platform.
  • Facebook or Instagram as well as their users can refer cases to the oversight board. In order to ensure the board's independence, Facebook established an irrevocable trust with $130 million in initial funding.
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