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Hypnea Indica and Hypnea Bullata

  • 2nd April, 2021
  • A group of Marine biologists from Punjab Central University, Bathinda have discovered two new species of seaweed named 'Hypnea Indica' and 'Hypnea Bullata'. The seaweeds are part of the genus Hypnea or red seaweeds.
  • Hypnea indica was discovered Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu, and Somnath Pathan and Sivrajpur in Gujarat, Hypnea bullata was discovered from Kanyakumari and Diu island of Daman and Diu.
  • The genus Hypnea consists of calcareous, erect, branched red seaweeds. Both of these species can potentially be used as raw materials in jelly and ice cream production. With the two new species, the total number of species now would be 63.
  • They grow in intertidal regions near the coast. These are the areas which submerge during high tide and become waterlogged during low tide.

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