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Karbi Agreement

  • 6th September, 2021
  • In the presence of Union Home Minister, a historic Karbi Anglong Agreement ensuring Assam’s territorial integrity was signed. This Memorandum of Settlement talks about ensuring greater devolution of autonomy to the ‘Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council’ (KAAC), protection of identity, language, culture, etc of Karbi people. Additionally it also focuses on development of the Council area, without affecting the territorial and administrative integrity of Assam.
  • The Karbi Agreement is based on Prime Minister’s vision of ‘Insurgency free prosperous North East’.The Karbi armed groups have agreed to abjure violence and join the peaceful democratic process as established by law in the country. Provision for the rehabilitation of cadres of the armed groups is also done in it.
  • With this agreement, over 1000 armed cadres have abjured violence and joined the mainstream of society. A Special Development Package of Rs. 1000 crores over five years will be given by the Union Government and Assam Government to undertake specific projects for the development of Karbi areas.
  • The Government of Assam will set up a ‘Karbi Welfare Council’ to focus on development of Karbi people living outside KAAC area. The Consolidated Fund of the State will be augmented to ensure the resources for KAAC area. Overall, the present settlement proposes to give more legislative, executive, administrative and financial powers to KAAC.

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