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Litoria Mira

  • 3rd June, 2021
  • A species of frog lives in the rainforests of New Guinea that appears to be made from chocolate due to its cocoa colour. Its name is inspired by the Latin adjective 'Mirum', which means surprised or strange.
  • Litoria mira can be distinguished from all other Litoria by its unique combination of moderately large size, webbing on hand, relatively short and robust limbs, and small violet patch of skin on the edge of its eyes.
  • The Litoria mira seem alike the Green Tree Frog of Australia called Litoria cerulean, except for the colour of their skins. The reason that the chocolate frog and the green tree frog are similar is that Australia and New Guinea used to be linked by land for much of the late tertiary period (2.6 million years ago), and share many biotic elements.
  • Today, the island of New Guinea is separated from the ‘Horn of Queensland’ by the Torres Strait. New Guinea is dominated by Rainforest, and northern Australia by the Savannah.

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