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Sindhu Desh

  • 12th February, 2021
  • Sindh is a Sindhi-dominated area located at the south-eastern part of Pakistan (Indus River basin). To its east lies the Thar Desert, the Baluchi region to the west, Punjab Province (Pakistan) to the north and the Arabian Sea to the south. Its capital is Karachi. It is the third largest province of Pakistan by area.
  • In Mahabharata period it was called Sindhu Desh. Mohenjodado, Amri, Kot Diji etc. sites of Indus Valley Civilization are located in this province.
  • The demand for a separate country started in this province sooner after the creation of Pakistan. In 1967, under the leadership of G. M. Syed and Pir Ali Muhammad Rashid, the demand for independent Sindhu Desh was raised due to the imposition of Urdu on the people of this region. Recently (on 17 January 2021) the 117th birth anniversary of G. M Syed was celebrated.
  • In the year 1972, there was an agitation by the Sindhi language speakers to create a separate country named Sindhu Desh. This movement was inspired by the Bangla language movement. For this, many organizations like Sindhu Desh Liberation Army, Sindh Rashtriya Andolan Dal and Jai Sindh Vidyarthi Federation are still active for this. It is important to note that the World Sindhi Congress is also a member of - Unrepresented Nation and People's Organization (UNPO) .

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