• Sanskriti IAS - अखिल मूर्ति के निर्देशन में


  • 15th January, 2022
  • Xenotransplantation is the process of grafting or transplanting organs or tissues between members of different species. Animal tissues or organs are transplanted into humans in this.
  • Transplantation of cells and tissues from other organisms into humans may be helpful in the treatment of diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases. This can also tackle the issue of low availability of human organs.
  • Recently, the University of Maryland School of Medicine, successfully transplanted a genetically modified pig's heart into a person with arrhythmia. This disease affects the human heart rate.
  • If this is found to be consistent over a long period of time, it may help in elective organ transplantation in patients with severe disease. Xenotransplantation in humans was first done in the 1980s.
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