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Self-reliance in Agriculture

National 23-Jul-2020

The 3rd tranche of Atma Nirbhar Bharat package included a host of measures ranging from improving agriculture infrastructure to governance reforms.

Iran-China Relations and Implications for India

International 23-Jul-2020

In between US-China tussle and the Ladakh Conflict, new reports are coming revealing the deepening ties between China and Iran. Beijing and Tehran are nearing the conclusion of an extensive economic and military partnership which would be of critical concern for India.

Insurgency in the North East and Naga Peace Process

National 22-Jul-2020

In a letter to Nagaland CM Neiphiu Rio on June 16, the government interlocutor with Naga entities and Governor R.N. Ravi, asserting his powers under Article 371A of the Constitution

Sustainable Growth with a Solar Manufacturing Strategy

International 22-Jul-2020

PM Modi restated the case for greater reliance on solar power, for energy and as a path for self-reliant industrialisation, at the inauguration of a 750 MW photovoltaic project at Rewa, in Madhya Pradesh.

Governance of the People, for the People and by the People

National 21-Jul-2020

Stressful response given by the existing governance system to the challenges emerged in COVID-19 days. Quality and promptness of service delivery have been compromised due to inherent faults in our governance systems.

Cyber Security Challenges

International 21-Jul-2020

As the world settles into the work-from-home mode, there’s been a new challenge to contend with cyber security. Last incident of hacking Twitter Accounts in the recent Bitcoin scam has made it a matter of immediate concern.

Spirit of Cooperative Federalism during Covid-19 Crisis

National 20-Jul-2020

The Corona virus outbreak has brought to the fore some of the traits of Indian federalism. COVID-19 has shown us how the current Constitutional framework impedes cooperative federalism on various subjects, especially the health and the distribution of finance.

Disaster of Floods in Assam and Bihar

National 19-Jul-2020

Amid rising COVID-19 cases, heavy rainfall with the start of the 2020 Monsoon season triggered severe flooding in east and northeast India.

Countering China on Economic and Strategic Fronts

International 18-Jul-2020

India and China’s border dispute turned into a deadly clash for the first time in more than four decades. Casualties took place on both sides.

Recent Earthquake Tremors in and around Delhi

National 17-Jul-2020

Delhi-NCR has witnessed more than 10 mild earthquakes since May which raised a binary speculation of either a big earthquake in near future or reduction in risk of an intense earthquake due to dissipation of energy through these low intensity tremors.

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