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E-Santa (Electronic Solution for Augmenting NACSA farmers' Trade in Aquaculture)

  • 14th April, 2021
  • The Minister of Commerce and Industry has launched the virtual e-marketplace 'e-Santa' portal with an aim to provide a common platform to farmers and buyers of aquaculture for the purchase and sale of aquatic products.
  • Through this, farmers will be able to get a better price for their produce and exporters will be able to buy quality products directly from them. This will help in reducing risks, spreading products and market awareness, and easing sales processes.
  • This will promote cashless, paperless and contactless trade between farmers and exporters associated with aquaculture. Also, this portal will act as a bridge between fishermen and buyers in India and abroad, which will also increase global trade.
  • Farmers will be free to list their products and decide their prices on this portal. The buyer will be paid in advance when the deal is finalized on the basis of product listing and online negotiation. Payment Will be released to the farmer after being verified by NACSA.
  • It is known that the National Center for Sustainable Aquaculture (NACSA) is an expanded unit of the Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA), which comes under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

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