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The South Asian Migrant Crisis

National 31-Jul-2020

COVID-19 outbreak and the precarious conditions of the migrant workers.

Indian Pharmaceutical Industry : Chance Amidst Crisis

National 31-Jul-2020

Scope of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry amidst current crisis of COVID-19 pandemic.

Food Processing Industry In India

National 30-Jul-2020

Challenges in food processing sector due to high wastage and neglect in policy making , together with it could prove to be a key sector for the success of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’. 

Russia-India-China Trailateral Meet

International 30-Jul-2020

In between the LAC tension with China and worldwide anger against China on CORONA Virus, significance of RIC meet.

The Serious Issue of Non-Performing Assets

National 29-Jul-2020

The RBI, in its Financial Stability Report, stated that bank NPAs could rise to their highest levels and expressed concerns for future impacts.

Affordable Food and Nutritional Security

National 29-Jul-2020

Report "State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World" released by FAO and other UN agencies on the affordability of sufficient food.

Lonar Lake: A Geographical History


The recent development of Lonar Lake attracted the eyes of the people as the water itself turned pink.

Achieving SDGs Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic


Length and width of the policy making focus on to enable the India's approach to localizing SDGs, and strengthening means of implementation in the COVID-19 days.

Delimitation in the Northeast

National 27-Jul-2020

Delimitation in North-Eastern States and its constitutional validity.

India’s Nuclear Energy Dreams

National 27-Jul-2020

One more unit at Kakrapar achieves criticality (controlled but sustained nuclear fission reaction) and is ready to produce nuclear power.

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