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Censorship on Entertainment Content

National 15-Sep-2020

Netflix India's 'Bad Boy Billionaires' show on hold following Court order and declining to stay a show on Sudarshan TV.

Issues with the Bt Cotton

National 14-Sep-2020

Bt Cotton is no longer a profitable way for Farmers.Various studies highlighted the declining benefit of Bt cotton to the farmers. 

India's Defence Doctrine

National 11-Sep-2020

Facing two-front challenge on her western and on northern borders, India needs to rethink on military strategic doctrine.

Uncharted Territory of Outer Space

National 11-Sep-2020

Outer space, or simply space, is the expanse that exists beyond Earth and between celestial bodies. Outer space is not completely empty—it is a hard vacuum containing a low density of particles, predominantly a plasma

Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle

National 10-Sep-2020

India conducted a successful test flight of the indigenously developed hypersonic technology demonstrator vehicle (HSTDV), joining the elite club of the US, Russia and China who possess such technology.

India’s Future Policy on Non-Aligned Movement

National 10-Sep-2020

The External Affairs Minister recently said recently that “non-alignment was a term of a particular era and a particular geopolitical landscape”, has raised the debate on the significance of the NAM

Data Empowerment and Protection Architecture

National 09-Sep-2020

Policy think tank NITI Aayog is seeking suggestions on the Data Empowerment and Protection Architecture.

Economic Recovery after Lockdown

National 08-Sep-2020

The United Nations Secretary-General termed the corona virus pandemic as the most challenging crisis since World War II and International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief declared that the COVID-19 pandemic

Black Holes Collision in Space

National 07-Sep-2020

On May 21, 2019, a short gravitational wave signal came from two gigantic black holes weighing at least 85 and 66 times the mass of the sun.

Global Innovation Index

National 05-Sep-2020

India has jumped four places on Global Innovation Index also retains the highest rank in Central and South Asia.

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